Do’s and Dont’s for Your College Spring Break Trip In 2021

Now that winter is fully here, the countdown until spring break has begun. Now is the time to start planning your spring break vacation so that you can get the best deals on airfare, resorts and activities. 


 Do Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort

 All-inclusive resorts typically include hotel and all food and drinks, including alcohol. In  addition, most offer beach access and fun activities and parties.


 Do Buy a Party Pack for the Clubs

 Cancun is one of the top destinations for partying and nightlife. It has tons of nightclubs that offer dancing, drinking, shows, acrobatics and more. Some of the best clubs in Cancun include Señor Frogs, Palazzo, Mandala Beach, La Vaquita, Dady O’s and The City. Look for party packs that include as many of these bars as possible to experience all of the fun that Cancun has to offer.  Some of the advantages of party packs include:

  • Express entry-Sometimes the lines at the door can be really long. A party pack will allow you to breeze past the lines and start the party right away.
  • Open bar-Unlimited drinks all night long
  • Special VIP entry

Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Yes, spring break is a time to party and have fun but don’t do anything to get arrested. You do not want to spend your spring break in jail.  In Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18. Smoking on public transportation or in public buildings is illegal. Violating either of these offenses could result in jail time.


Don’t Lose Your Passport

You will need your passport to get home. Make sure that you safeguard it carefully. Keep it locked up in the hotel safe. You will not be allowed to return to the United States without your passport and getting another one is expensive and it is a really big hassle.


These do’s and dont’s tips will help you have a great time on your spring break. Contact us today to book your trip.







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