College Fall Break?

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When the hot blaze of the summer months finally give way to the cooler season of fall, it is an ideal time for college students to enjoy a getaway. Around the middle to end of October, most colleges and universities allow students to enjoy a long weekend, about 3-4 days, free of studying and classwork. While it isn’t exactly a long summer break, the fall break is still the perfect breather for college students to unplug from their hectic day-to-day.

Fall Break is a really great idea and if you plan correctly you can save big! Planning for all your college friends can get hectic, but if you plan with time you will find great deals. In the last 5 years, Fall Break has become a popular trend for college students who get shorter breaks from their Universities. Taking a long weekend in Las Vegas is always a good idea! Why Not?!

Fall Break Tip: it is important to set up the trip in a way that allows you to make payments and deposits. This way, you and your friends can chip away at the overall cost of the trip without feeling overwhelmed.  


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