When Does Fall Break Start?

Fall BreakWhen is your fall break? 

fall break destinations for college students

Colleges and Universities allow students to enjoy a long weekend, about 3-4 days, free of studying and classwork. While it isn’t exactly a long summer break, the fall break is still the perfect breather for college students to unplug from their hectic day-to-day. Every school’s calendar is different. Your fall break may land on a long weekend that is weeks away from your friend’s fall break. Before you rely on third-party information and plan a weekend trip around the wrong dates, double check your school’s calendar as soon as you can. This will provide you ample time to plan a relaxing getaway.



Don't miss out on Fall Break 2020









Fall Break 2020

check your school’s 2020 calendar if you don't see your school on here.

Cornell University Oct 12 - Oct 16

Assumption College Oct 9 - Oct 12

Holy Cross Oct 9 - Oct 19

Auburn University Oct 8 - Oct 9

James Madison University Oct 22 - Oct 25

Kansas City University Oct 10 - Oct 13

Monmouth University Oct 17 - Oct 20


Fall break For College Students

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